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Ninja’s Instagram account has been hacked

Or he's now giving away 1,000 free iPhone XS for no reason.

Photo via Red Bull

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ Instagram account was full of fake giveaways and scammy links this morning. Apparently, his profile was hacked overnight.

His bio was replaced by “FREE IPHONE XS” with an arrow pointing to a shortened link, which most people who used the internet once in their life know it should be, at least, a suspicious link. One of his posts read “I’m giving away 1000x free iPhone XS, V-Bucks, and much more on my Instagram Stories right now!”

Screengrab via Instagram/Ninja

Of course, his stories were filled with another set of links to these promotions. There were MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, and Amazon Giftcard links, all used for scams.

The goal of hackers like this, usually, is to get people to provide them with sensitive information, such as credit card numbers. Sometimes they may want you to download and install software or subscribe for mailing services—or fill your computer or phone with adware.

The hacker got over 13,000 people to like one of their fake giveaway posts on Ninja’s account.

Ninja is another big streamer to be a victim of hackers. In April, DrDisrespect’s Twitch and Twitter accounts were invaded for self-promotion of the hacker and failed attempts of impersonating Doc.