NICKMERCS thinks Warzone is in ‘shambles’

The battle royale streamer was responding to constant requests to play.

Screengrab via NICKMERCS on Twitch

Competition between different battle royale titles on Twitch has been fierce since the rise of the genre nearly five years ago. And last week, NICKMERCS came in hot with some takes about the state of Call of Duty: Warzone in particular.

As one of Twitch’s predominant battle royale content creators, Nick’s chat is constantly spammed with viewers who want him to play whatever game they personally prefer. And he recently had some words for those looking to get him to hop into Warzone.

Warzone is in fucking shambles,” he said. “Fortnite is on fire. Apex is immaculate. If you’re playing Warzone right now, you need to get a fucking grip.”

Apex Legends’ regular seasonal updates with new maps, characters, and guns keep the gameplay fresh for many. Fortnite has had a recent resurgence with the addition of a “no build” mode that has attracted players who were tired of constant build battles determining matches instead of gunplay.

In the past 90 days, Fortnite has seen a slight increase in its viewership on Twitch and Apex’s viewership has jumped 23 percent, according to SullyGnome. Meanwhile, Warzone viewership has dropped nearly 20 percent. Both Apex and Fortnite have more hours watched than Warzone over that time period.

During that time period, Nick has only played Warzone for five hours. A vast majority of his time on Twitch has been spent playing Apex (506 hours), and he’s played Fortnite for 36 hours on stream.

The figure is a stark change for Nick, who played Warzone more than any other game in 2021, with 851 hours. Apex was his second most-played game in 2021 with 728 hours. He only played Fortnite for 165 hours last year.