NICKMERCS believes Halo Infinite should’ve had a battle royale mode

NICKMERCS knows what to do.

Screengrab via NICKMERCS

Popular FPS streamer NICKMERCS commented on the recent downward spiral of Halo Infinite, saying that the addition of a battle royale game mode could have saved the game.

Despite the game’s early popularity, Halo Infinite has seen a gradual decline, hemorrhaging both its active players and viewership. Since its launch on Nov. 15, Halo Infinite has seen a continuous drop in average players, losing more than 90 percent of its player base, according to Steam Charts.

Halo Infinite’s esports circuit, the HCS, was a significant initiative released alongside the game itself. With substantial coverage and attention surrounding the circuit’s initial events, such as HCS Raleigh receiving over 267,000 concurrent viewers, the Halo esports scene seemed revitalized. Similar to its player base, however, Halo Infinite viewership on Twitch has waned, according to Twitch Tracker.

FPS veteran NICKMERCS reflected on Halo Infinite‘s recent shortcomings, admitting that the game had potential but failed to incorporate modern game features that draw in players. Specifically, NICKMERCS called out 343 Industries for neglecting to add a battle royale game mode.

“Should’ve incorporated a Battle Royale,” the FaZe co-owner wrote in his Twitter post. “More content = More viewership = More everything.” Rumors of a Halo Infinite battle royale swirled even before the game’s launch, though the development team never directly confirmed this potential mode.

Other FPS creators and multiple Halo Infinite pros, including Sentinels’ SnakeBite, echoed NICKMERCS’ sentiments. SnakeBite replied that the addition of a battle royale mode would have diversified Halo Infinite’s content and that 343 Industries was indefensible at this point.

While morale among Halo players is undoubtedly low, many express that it’s not too late to save the game. Whether this will include the potential addition of a Halo Infinite battle royale mode remains to be seen.