Could Overwatch’s newest comic tease new hero skins?

We sure hope so.

A new Overwatch event is supposed to be unveiled on April 11, introducing players to the King’s Row Uprising—an incident that occurred seven years in the world’s past.

And like with other Overwatch events, we’ll probably get a whole bunch of new skins. Nothing is confirmed at this point, but Blizzard may have dropped a few hints in the Uprising comic. Some of the heroes look pretty different than they do now, with different outfits and hairstyles.

Here are the ones we want most from the Uprising comic. (Spoiler: It’s all of them.)

Blackwatch McCree

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Omnic Uprising Bastion

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blackwatch Genji

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Trainee Tracer

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Doctor Winston and Mercy

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Original Overwatch Outfits

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

We’ve already got original Overwatch skins for Soldier: 76, Ana, and Reaper—so why not round it all out with the rest of the team?

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan mentioned last month that both Widowmaker and McCree would be getting new skins this spring, so it’s possible those two will get skins with the King’s Row Uprising event. Blackwatch McCree, perhaps? As for Widowmaker, fans are excited about a potential Amélie Lacroix skin—which was her name before she was turned into the purple-skinned Widowmaker.

It’s possible that the skins likely coming with the King’s Row Uprising reveal could be unrelated to the comic. When past comics have led up to Overwatch events, there have been a few hints for skins—like Junkenstein and the Halloween Terror event—but it guarantees nothing.