Riot might have just confirmed a big leak with new champion teaser

Dark Star Orianna, Star Guardian Ezreal and more might be on the way too.

League of Legends’ newest champion might have just been teased on the official League Facebook page—and it matches a huge leak on Reddit about a week ago alongside a ton of other information.

Before now, the leak was believed to be likely false due to the lack of provenience, but this champion looks an awful lot like the new champion mentioned in the original leak.

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This means two things. For starters, we might be getting a new champion! Judging from the teaser image, it looks like some sort of harpy or phoenix hybrid. Harpies have been a popular mythological creature mentioned in literature dating as far back as the fifth century BC.

But who cares about that?! We’re way more excited about Star Guardian Ezreal!

The fact that this champion might have been accurately leaked about a week ago means that everything else included in the leak might also be true. Star Guardian Ezreal is just the beginning. Details on all of the Mid Season Update’s tank reworks and tons of cool skins are included.

Pulesfire Caitlyn, Cosmic Reaver Master Yi, Urgot’s meat grinder, and Evelynn being mostly naked?! Wait, she’s always been mostly naked. That’s beside the point. This is huge. This Reddit post was taken down by the original poster, and the user account was also deleted.

It’s very possible that the teaser is just for a new Quinn or Kayle skin, but if it is the harpy champion mentioned in the leak, that’s not good news for Riot. Surrenderat20 also believes it’s a new champion.

Whether it was a disgruntled ex-employee or a friend of an employee that ran their mouth too much at a party, Riot will be incensed at the leak. These kinds of leaks are always controversial, with some fans preferring to let Riot hype the new content in its own intended way.

All that aside though, Dark Star Kha’zix sounds really cool.