Controversial capture point rule adjusted in new Overwatch patch

A few important bugs were fixed, too.

Overwatch’s tie-breaking system, which was implemented April 11, finally got an adjustment on the game’s live server.

A new patch released today changes the system, now requiring teams to capture at least 33 percent of the point to break the tie. “When the new tie-breaking system was implemented on April 11, 2017, teams only needed to capture one percent to trigger the system,” Blizzard said in the patch notes. “This occasionally resulted in confusing situations when games would end without a lot of information about how the point was captured, due to the brief capture time.”

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Pushing the required percentage to 33 percent removes that sort of confusion. “If neither team manages to cross 33 percent, the match will end in a draw,” Blizzard added. Players should expect slightly more ties than with the original tie-breaking system, but still much less than the six percent rate Blizzard saw across competitive matches in the past.

Blizzard fixed a bunch more bugs with the April 27 patch, too. Notably, two Genji bugs have been bothering Genji players, and both have been fixed. Blizzard found a bug that slightly increased Genji’s Dragonblade swing speed for players with higher latency and subsequently fixed it, but then players felt like they had less swings. And they did, if they had ping issues. To compensate, Blizzard has increased Genji’s Dragonblade swing speed for all players.

The other Genji bug prevent his Dragonblade ability from registering hits correctly, and has since been fixed. It’s a good day for Genji and for the competitive Overwatch community.

Full patch notes are available on the Blizzard forum.