“NA Has No Talent”

NA's Rising Stars in the making from 3 splits to just one weekend.

A baseball bat, a backward cap and a striped shirt: These are the signifiers of the coming storm in Super Smash Bros

In the last few years it has become quite a meme that NA has no talent and that all the best teams are because they Import Talent.

But the end of the last season and the start of this in my opinion is proving this wrong, while most teams are importing many big name talents like Ganked by Mom, Freeze, and Ohq. There has been a demand for NA Residents that are talented.


Colin “Solo” Earnest – 

Although still a challenger player has played a game with Echo Fox and maybe more this weekend, He had a good showing working with Goldenglue His Challenger teams mid laner and Gringe a Highly rated Jungler. They lead the Game against TL where the game was thrown back and forth, but Solo had a Decent showing for his first time in the LCS Subbing or Starting. He has room to grow needless to say and this is what makes for rising talent. 


Benjamin “LOD” deMunck – 

Another Ember Player who got his First LCS Game’s was LOD, Has been playing in the Challenger series since season 3 playing on Team Lolpro with Nyjacky and Hauntzer. All though he is a relatively young player 18 Years old he has been in the scene since he was 15/16 and now has got his first LCS game. Even in the sub position it is a huge accomplishment for himself and he has shown a high amount of dedication to stick with it for this long and has the potential to help Ember to try and qualify for the LCS. 


Adrian “Adrian” Ma –

Adrian has been playing in the lcs for 3 splits now and has been a huge success for his team. And is a very under rated player, though he is receiving some of the credit he deserves now he has been playing extremely well for all 3 of his splits. And can only go up from here, if this was his first split than of course he would be number 1 on this list because he is the one NA Rising Talent that may get decent international competition. 


Oleksii “RF Legendary”  Kuziuta –

RF Legendary has been a somewhat popular streamer for the last few years and also been trying to get in competitive as well. Most known for being an emotional player, has recently had a pretty decent showing playing with Renegades in the challenger series. He was known for playing champions like Nidalee and a more carry Style top lane, but when turned to Competitive play he has shown much more tank play and has a decent showing for himself. He has tons of room to grow and with the staff that Renegades has i am Confident in them devolving him properly 


Terry “BIG” Chuong –

Big has played Several Games in the LCS last split with TDK when they had Visa Issues this is the first time he has “earned” a starting spot on an lcs team. He is known as a shot caller and that is an amazing Talent for a player to have. He has a lot to prove if he wants Echo Fox to do well as he is the in game leader although he is joined by a Veteran in Froggen and another non-stranger to the lcs stage in his Laneing partner Keith. He is a rising Talent that has been Devolving for years and its his time to prove if it’s his time or not.


Matthew “Matt” Elento –

This is a player who has been rising up in solo q for the last 2-3 years he has been a player that many people have wondered can he be at lcs level and signs point to yes. Most notably is his time on TLA where he and Jungler Dardoch (shout callers) were both promoted up to the main roster in LCS with the retirement of IWD and the prior synergy of Matt/Dardoch, and or just the overall team play not all is reviled by TL. Despite TL’s Poor Record both Matt and Dardoch have had decent individual Showings and are showing NA Can Produce talent.


Anthony “Hard” Barkhovtsev –

Hard is the Jungler for Echo Fox a Team that needed to use 3 NA resident players with the purchase of their LCS Slot. Although hard has been temporarily removed from the roster due to Visa Issues of him being a Canadian. There is still high hope for a player of his Caliber. Previously on C9T and although C9T did not make the Promotion Tournament they had Glimpses of Brilliance in almost all positions being Solo – Hard – Yusui – LOD – Sheep. He was best known for being a Gragas player and C9’s Sub during Worlds. When and IF he gets his Visa Fixed he will be a huge part to if Echo Fox Succeeds by getting his Veteran Midlaner in Froggen ahead or lasting out for Froggens dream of 60+ minuet games.


Billy “BillyBoss” Yu –

Billyboss Was TSM’s Sub Top laner all of last year and has played in The Challenger series for 2 years playing with Denial East back in 2013. He has been a sub for many LCS teams but before playing for DIG he has not played for an amazing team, the next best team he was on was Frostbite with Zary, Wolfe, TM8, and Hakuho owned by Voyboy but was short lived as he only played one tourney with them being the HTC tourney. In the LCS he has Shown Nerves like his 100 m TP and his poor play vs TSM (somewhat to be expected) he is a player I have high hopes for his is very strong individually and can become a dominate force in NA if given the right environment.


Galen “Moon” Holgate –

Moon has been playing in the challenger series since 2015 previously under the name 14a when he had less of a reputation gaining his “hype” during his time on Team Imagine Solo Carrying games on his Signature champion Evelynn. And after Failing to qualify for LCS with Imagine losing 1-3 to T8 who were eventually bought by NRG who than in turn Added moon to their starting roster. Although Moon has not been playing his old one v 9 style Eve he has in the past he is growing into a supportive jungler with his 3 strong laners in Impact, GBM, and Altec all very strong laners and therefore he needs to be the more of an engage / reserved role which when he grows into that throughout the rest of the split he will shine for his team.


Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett –

The Player I have the Highest hope for Newly Appointed TL Jungler Dadoch. IWillDominate has wanted to retire for about a year now Reportedly but he needed to wait for the perfect replacement that could become his “understudy” He thought that might have been Moon Before and After the Promotion Matches but with him going to NRG Dom needed to stay on the main roster and wait for another Rising Star to come to the table. In comes Dardoch who has been playing competitively since 2014 on many minor teams before becoming the starter on TLA in January. Dardoch has made a name for himself both in the challenger series with his Sword of the Occult Rengar Play and his pentakill with RekSai against Frostbite. And now in the LCS with his Flash Cocoon and and his Early Ganks and overall pressure he puts out on the map. He has the Highest Ceiling out of any player on this list (besides maybe Adrian) and I personally and really excited to see him play out the rest of the split and see how much he grows and where he goes from there!


* All Pictures are from @lolesports all rights reserved *