NA CWL 2000 Series Jan. 29 Recap

The CWL Atlanta cutoff date is only a few days away, making this 2K tournament more important than ever to finalize seedings.

With the CWL Atlanta cutoff date coming today (Jan. 30), the GameBattles 2K pro point tournament this weekend became even more important, as getting a good placing was needed by several teams to guarantee a spot in pool play for the second open LAN event of Infinite Warfare.

The announcement of Rise Nation not competing this weekend gave Cloud9 a huge opportunity to take the top seed with a first place finish. The only notable “upsets” would be XtroVert losing in round three and Jonathan “Pacman” Tucker’s internet going out, resulting in the Red Reserve forfeiting their round-of-32 match.

Here is the breakdown of all the matches from the round-of-32 onwards in the latest North American 2K.


Cloud9 3-1 InControl

We Free (Chino’s Team) 3-0 Red Reserve

Allegiance 3-0 ProjektEvil

Evil Geniuses 3-1 Gosu Crew

Luminosity Gaming 3-0 Axon

Pnda Gaming 3-0 America

Lethal Gaming 3-0 Free Agents

eUnited 3-0 Renegades

OpTic Gaming 3-0 University

Team Kaliber 3-0 SetToDestroy

Echo Fox 3-0 3Sup

Enigma6 3-0 Fury

Team EnVyUs 3-0 GTG

DraMa’s Team 3-0 EZG

Sigma Gaming 3-2 Insomnia

FaZe Clan 3-1 Rogue


Cloud9 3-0 We Free

Allegiance 3-2 Evil Geniuses

Pnda 3-2 Luminosity

eUnited 3-0 Lethal

OpTic Gaming 3-0 Team Kaliber

Echo Fox 3-0 E6

EnVyUs 3-2 DraMa’s Team

FaZe 3-1 Sigma


Cloud9 3-2 Allegiance

eUnited 3-1 Pnda

OpTic Gaming 3-0 Echo Fox

FaZe 3-0 EnvyUs


eUnited 3-1 Cloud9

OpTic Gaming 3-1 FaZe


eUnited 3-2 OpTic Gaming

After winning yet another 2K , eUnited has now moved up to the number four seed in North America, knocking OpTic down to the fifth seed heading into CWL Atlanta. At the end of this tournament, Rise Nation, Cloud9 and FaZe Clan hold the top three spots in terms of pro points. Additionally, Team EnVyUs has moved up to the sixth seed, while Enigma6, Luminosity, Allegiance and Evil Geniuses round out the last four spots in the top-10.

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Image via CWL.