Most Wanted merges with Carbon Six and XtroVert Esports

Prophet and FA5TBALLA’s Call of Duty team will now compete under Most Wanted.

A popular FPS esports org has just made a major expansion.

Most Wanted has acquired Carbon Six and XtroVert Esports, the organization announced moments ago.

Founded in 2014, Most Wanted has been in the Call of Duty scene since Ghosts, rostering many notable players, including Josiah “Slacked” Berry, Michael “SpaceLy” Schmale, and Nicholas “Classic” DiCostanzo.

Carbon Six featured several teams in a variety of esports titles, including Smite, Gears of War, H1Z1, and more recently, Call of Duty. That team is probably what members of the community most recognize the organization for. All these teams will now compete under the Most Wanted banner.

Jay “Prophet” Nicoletti, Ethan “FA5TBALLA” Wedgeworth, Joseph “Destiny” DeLillo, and Seth “Glory” Donskey look to be a top challenger for a spot in the second season of the Call of Duty World League Global Pro League– and this is exactly what Jordan Daley, COO of Most Wanted, expects from his new team.

“Going into Anaheim and looking toward season two, we figured this move would provide great exposure to take this team to the next level,” Daley said.

With just over two months until the CWL Anaheim Open, Most Wanted’s new Call of Duty team should have plenty of time to make an impressive debut under their new organization.

Christopher “Glaz” James, the former CEO of Carbon Six and the new co-owner and president of Most Wanted, is also very excited about this merger.

“Solidifying the commitment between both teams was a no-brainer,”Glaz said. “I feel by uniting these brands, we’re only increasing what we can become. All in all, it lets the community know that this brand is here to leave its mark.”

In correlation with the acquisition of Carbon Six, Most Wanted also merged with XtroVert Esports, a newer organization that joined the Call of Duty scene at the beginning of Infinite Warfare and most recently featured a roster with former world champion Christopher “Parasite” Duarte.

“The owner of XtroVert lives down the street from me and we’ve been friends for a long time, Daley said. “Having his knowledge of esports under the Most Wanted brand will be instrumental moving forward. The merger brings on additional staff that neither Most Wanted or Carbon Six had.

Alex “Azuhl,” the CEO and owner of Most Wanted, said this merger could open the door to many new opportunities.

“[Glaz] knew exactly what he was doing, and together, we’re looking to become the next top organization moving forward,” Azuhl said.

Glaz echoed this sentiment, and made a promise that this merger will help Most Wanted make an impact in esports.

“The transition has been flawless so far, and everyone is happy,” Glaz said. “If the community doesn’t know who were are now, it will soon.”