More Parity in Challenger: NA CS Week 2 Recap

The North American Challenger Series wrapped up their second week of play with more teams coming out even with one team continuing poor form.

In the second week of the North American Challenger Series, six teams took to the Rift again to fight for a top spot and a shot at making it into the LCS. 

(0-2-0) Big Gods Jackals 1-1 Delta Fox (1-1-0)

Delta Fox used the global pressure of their Twisted Fate to make an early play on the bot lane and picked up two kills. A large team-fight 17 minutes into the game went in the favor of Big Gods Jackals and gave them the lead in the game. Big continued to hold the lead in team fights, finishing them with multiple man advantages. Big went for the Baron, and while they were able to secure the objective, they lost all five of their champions with Delta Fox coming out on top. The game became long and drawn out as Big could not find the final push into Fox’s base. A fight outside of their base led to Fox’s end as Big Gods Jackals took the first game.

Delta Fox was able to pick Twisted Fate again and the champion worked out even better early on and Fox jumped out to an early lead. After they gained that early lead, Delta Fox never let Big Gods Jackals back into the game and cruised to a win in the second match.

(0-2-0) eUnited 1-1 Gold Coin United (0-2-0)

eUnited chose a very heavy poke composition for the first match and got an early lead using their comp effectively. The team struggled to close the game and decided to take the Baron to assist them in their siege. Unfortunately, that would be eUnited’s undoing as their squishy poke comp got obliterated inside the Baron pit and Gold Coin United found their way back into the game. Gold Coin would eventually take the game, getting the series lead.

Both teams decided to go for a pick comp in the second match, with similar champions being drafted on both sides. Gold Coin United attempted to go for a dive on the bot lane, but eUnited turned it around and grabbed a healthy lead off of their team-fight win. eUnited won more team-fights, enlarging their lead in the match. Gold Coin United was not able to find their footing in the game as eUnited completely dismantled their opponents with multiple members on the team ending the game with a 10+ KDA.

(1-1-0) Tempo Storm 2-0 Team Gates (0-0-2)

In the first match, Camille was allowed through the draft and Tempo Storm quickly picked up the strong champion. Diego “Quas” Ruiz was able to control his lane, leading the snowball for this team. Tempo Storm was able to finish the game in under 30 minutes, dominating Team Gates.

Tempo Storm was allowed to pick Camille again, and in the same fashion as the first game, Tempo Storm had early control and never took their foot off the gas pedal. Tempo Storm easily won, ending with a perfect game to show their complete control. Team Gates has yet to win a single game through two weeks.

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