More Information on Tank Update Revealed

Riot released more information about their upcoming Tank class update.

Image via Bluehole Studio

Riot Games revealed early last week that tanks will be the next class to receive an update after the recent assassin changes, creating a new class called vanguard. Now, more information has been released about these aforementioned changes. 

Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot’s lead champion designer, has since divulged the big changes and overall theme for the update. “We’ve got work underway on the main tanks we’ll be changing,” Meddler said. “[We] should be talking about who and what our goals are for each in mid to late February.”

One champion, though, that will not be receiving large changes in this update is the Sion. “We’re not planning any changes to Sion specifically,” Meddler said. “It’s likely we’ll make some tweaks to defensive base stats on most or all tanks, that’ll just be small number changes rather than ability modifications, though.”

Meddler continued by explaining the process behind the tank update and the way Riot is shaping up these new vanguards. “[Our] current thinking (still tentative) is we’ll do base stat adjustments on juggernauts as well,” Meddler said. “[It’s] possible we do some light base stat tweaks to champions as a whole. We’ve got some suspicion defenses are too dependent on items at present, leading to champs being too squishy or too close to immortal depending on what they’ve built. We might soften that distinction a bit by moving some power from some items to base stats (per level in particular).”

Meddler then went on to end with a cryptic clue, stating that Riot is “still working on a plan for anti-defense items (LW, VS, BotRK etc). There is probably some work needed there, [but we’re] still figuring out what specifically though.”

This should be good news to those who feel tanks can sometimes become huge monoliths. After the success of the assassin update, fans and players alike will be anxiously waiting to see how these tank modifications will change the League of Legends meta. 

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Image via Riot Games.