Monkey’s Musings: Worlds Final Thoughts

An exclusive weekly series by Adam that looks back at the week of esports as a whole and brings up topics and discussions based on a particular game. In this version, we look at Worlds 2016 and give our closing thoughts.

With Worlds coming to its timely end and All Stars 2016 just on the horizon, it’s worth looking back at this year’s Worlds as a whole, looking at the big picture and thinking about the competition can improve.

Looking back at Worlds, I am thankful to see my earlier thoughts and opinions have been squashed. Going into this Worlds, I was not excited and did not expect much out of any of the teams aside from the ROX Tigers or SK Telecom T1. People were excited to see these two teams play, and hopefully duel in the finals, but for the most there did not seem to be many people genuinely looking forward to the tournament, almost as if the magic had been lost.

So when Worlds finally began, when we saw Europe being crushed in the first week and teams taking wins when many thought they didn’t deserve them. It was all I could have hoped for, the “League of Upsets,” as I called it. Worlds saw its first ever wildcard team reach the top-eight of the competition and even secure a win over the tournament favorites, the ROX Tigers.

This was also the first Worlds in a long time during which there were no unbeatables. Both favourites, SKT and ROX, dropped a game in groups and knockouts. It made us feel like truly anything could happen and made the viewing experience more and more enjoyable as time went by.

I don’t think we will have a Worlds like this one for a long time after its conclusion, during which so many unexpected matchups and things happened that were truly a delight as a viewer.

In short, the event as a whole was a great visual experience, one I have enjoyed this year which has rekindled my love for League of Legends after a stagnant bitterness that had been looming and growing up until the competition. Along with rekindling my love for the game, Worlds rekindled my interest in the EU and NA LCS Spring Split coming up in 2017.

Now, the real question: Who do I vote for in All Stars 2016 for EU? FORG1VEN or Zven?

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