Misfits Gaming designer suspended following sexual assault allegations

Salzarulo will be on unpaid suspension until the completion of the investigation.

Image via Misfits Gaming

Anthony “antwn” Salzarulo, a graphic designer for Misfits Gaming, has been suspended by the organization while it investigates sexual assault allegations against him.

Misfits president John Kracum released a statement today announcing the suspension and investigation after a woman, Elohdies, released a Twitlonger earlier today accusing Salzarulo of sexually assaulting her at the Overwatch League Grand Finals in 2019. Misfits owns both the Florida Mayhem Overwatch League team and the Florida Mutineers Call of Duty League team. Salzarulo has done work with both teams.

“All of us on staff are aware of @elohdies account of Anthony’s assault on her at Grant Finals,” Kracum said in a statement on Twitter. “He has been placed on unpaid suspension while we learn everything we can to take the appropriate action. I believe women who speak up and i’m gutted by the statement, as are the rest of the team here. One of my goals will always be to make my community a more inclusive, welcoming space and it’s crushing to think that something like this happened.”

According to Elohdies, she met Salzarulo in 2019 a few months before the OWL Grand Final event. When she was at the event, she shared a hotel room with Salzarulo, whom she alleges climbed on top of her, forced her to kiss him, and demanded sex. She said she refused his demands for sex and eventually went to sleep, but the next morning she said she woke up to him pressed against her and continually pressuring her into having sex, which she said she refused repeatedly until she left.

Elohdies concluded her statement saying, “It doesn’t define who i am now and it never will. This is my story. And if it helps others who experienced similar things to come forward or helps them realize they’re not alone, then i’ll be the strong one for all of us. You’re not alone. You’re never alone.”

Salzarulo has not published an official response to the accusations.

Elohdies’ allegations follow hundreds of women and men in the esports space who have come forward with allegations of sexual assault and harassment against various members of the streaming and esports community over the last few weeks.