CompLexity picks up fifth Overwatch team member, still trialing sixth

Cristian "Meza" Păunescu joins compLexity as the team's main tank.

CompLexity Gaming has a new main Overwatch tank player—Cristian “Meza” Păunescu.

Following the departure of Anthony “harbleu” Ballo and Joey “jkw” Wavering, compLexity has been stuck at four players for some time now. But the organization is ready to finalize one of those slots with a player they’ve been trialing during last month’s Overwatch Carbon Series.

Meza will join DPS players Jake “torkTJO” Lepoff and Nicolas “NicolasTJO” Aubin and support players Joe “Joemeister” Gramano and Jackson “Shake” Kaplan at the compLexity team house in California. CompLexity is still trialing players to fill the sixth spot.

A former Heroes of the Storm player, Meza previously played Overwatch for Team LDLC. A vocal player, he’ll add another layer to compLexity’s communication, Meza told Dot Esports. “It helps to be [vocal] in team fights especially in such a fast-paced game like Overwatch where many things can happen very fast, ability cooldowns are shot, and heroes are fast.”

Meza is pleased with how he’s played as part of compLexity thus far, helping the team secure fourth place in the Overwatch Carbon Series. Despite ping issues while playing from Romania, he’s played well on Winston and D.Va, Meza said. “[Playing Reinhardt with ping] can be a bit annoying, but I think I adapted well to the situation.”

Meza and the rest of compLexity will face North America’s best Overwatch teams when the Rivalcade Overwatch Rumble begins on April 22.