Mana regen takes a hit in League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 1.1

Early game has become tougher.

Image via Riot Games

With Wild Rift extending its open beta testing to many regions of the world not previously serviced, the game has also received the new patch 1.1.

In this update, the game received the three champions teased in the dev diary earlier this week, including Darius and Draven, who will be available through the games Noxian Brotherhood event. Wukong will also become available later in the patch.

Both Draven and Darius will have two unique skins available for each champion. More skins for other champions are to come later in the patch, too.

Patch 1.1 has introduced some significant gameplay changes, such as the standardization of ultimate ability costs and nerfing mana regeneration to a significant portion of the champions currently available.

Changes have also been made to the mana cost of many abilities in the early game as the development team noticed supplying champions with too much mana early was causing some “very low consequence early-game decision making.”

One set of champions who have gotten a buff in patch 1.1 are tanks, as both tank and anti-tank items received changes.

Much like has been recently introduced into League of Legends, Wild Rift has replaced Cooldown Reduction, with Ability Haste removing the cap on cooldown reduction that was previously enforced in the old system and allowing players to tailor their builds to get the reduction they require.

As Wild Rift does not currently include the Dragon soul system, Dragon’s have received a buff in their abilities to enhance the impact of the objective on the overall game.

On top of these changes the game also received some smaller technical updates that should improve matchmaking, lower ping, and modify some of the social aspects of Wild Rift.