Lúcio players are speedrunning Overwatch maps

The current record on King's Row is just over 13 seconds.

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Lúcio got some tweaks in the Overwatch Uprising patch that makes him very speedy, especially when he’s coming off a wall-ride.

One community of Lúcio players is taking advantage of the healer’s newfound speed boost, using it to speedrun Overwatch maps. The first map in the “Amp It Up” speedrun series was King’s Row—and one Lúcio player, PlasmaNapkin, completed the run in 13.14 seconds, earning the current record.

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Watch carefully and you’ll notice that Lúcio never touches the ground, and that’s why he moves so fast. The video isn’t sped up and the player hasn’t tweaked any settings: Lúcio is really that fast after his wall riding movement speed was increased by 20 percent. Additionally, Lúcio gets a burst of speed when leaping off a wall.

Rules for the speedrun tournament actually require players to stay off the floor anyway—wall riding and jumping only.

The next map Lúcio speedrunners are taking on is Eichenwalde, and there’s a new rule. Players will have to touch a checkpoint before hitting the final point to be eligible to be named the winner. Whoever has the speediest run will win $50.

Get ready to speed boost, y’all: The full rules for submitting are available online.