Lothar has a perfect Teamfight Tactics game during Twitch Rivals

A level three Shyvana is all he needed.

Image via Riot Games

G2 Esports’ Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski had a perfect game to secure a round three victory and $500 during Twitch Rivals: Teamfight Tactics Showdown today.

The streamer won a perfect game using Dragons, Knights, and Shapeshifters, with a level three Shyvana leading the charge, during the third round of today’s Twitch Rivals tournament.

The professional Hearthstone player equipped his three-star Shyvana with a Guardian Angel, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and a Statikk Shiv to give her all the attack speed she needed. This insured her quick transformation to a fire-breathing dragon that can decimate enemy units.

Shyvana dealt over 5,000 damage in the final round. Lothar’s Gnar came in a distant second with around 2,200 damage.

Lothar’s opponent, who was holding on to a measly 10 life before being eliminated, was running a Void Assassin comp that just couldn’t slay the dragon.

Lothar unsurprisingly had monumental success with Shapeshifters. Teamfight Tacticslast patch buffed the class by making it easier for them to transform. The total mana it takes Shyvana to transform went from 100 to 85, while Gnar’s went from 125 to 100.

Twitch Rivals: Teamfight Tactics is now in the fifth and final round. DeliciousMilkFF and jac0b0 are the competition’s frontrunners. The tournament pit 32 streamers against each other to compete for a $50,000 prize pool and a spot at TwitchCon 2019.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/twitchrivals

Tune in to the Twitch Rivals stream to watch the tournament’s finale.