Los Angeles Valiant head coach Packing10 promoted to Overwatch League, VALORANT general manager

Packing10 is now packing three full-time jobs for Immortals Gaming Club.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

They say no one man should have all that power, but Immortals Gaming Club (IGC) is choosing to not listen.

The organization announced today Michael “Packing10” Szklanny, the Los Angeles Valiant head coach, will be the general manager of two entire teams. As of today, he will also be the general manager of both the Los Angeles Valiant and IGC’s VALORANT roster.  

Packing10 has been head coach of the Valiant for the entire 2020 season and has been primarily responsible for the team’s success using a roster of mostly-rookie players.

“While his new role might seem to have an extreme breadth, Packing will solely focus on the competitive decision making for both games,” said former Los Angeles Valiant general manager Mike Schwartz in a Twitter message. As for himself, Schwartz said that he will be working in “operations and business development” for IGC instead of being Valiant’s general manager. 

Packing10’s promotion to duel general manager isn’t the first time the lines have crossed between Overwatch League and VALORANT teams for IGC. Valiant assistant coach Jordan “Gunba” Graham now coaches the VALORANT team, which recently took third place in the IMT First Light Invitational. 

As for the Valiant, Packing10 will continue to supervise assistant coaches Gunba and Max “Unter” Unterwurzacher for the remainder of the season. The Los Angeles Valiant currently has an 8-6 record in the Overwatch League. They face the Paris Eternal as part of the Summer Showdown tournament on June 28 at 2pm CT.