LoL Worlds Dream Team: Group D

What if we took five players from the four organisations​ taking part in each group at worlds to create the ultimate team mash-up and how would they look?! Join us for GAMURS Dream Teams!

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With the World Championships coming up soon, I wanted to look back at the groups, and more importantly, at the players to decide what would be the dream team for each group if players could be picked out of their rosters to form a super team. But, in the manner of fairness, these are the rules below.

1) Teams must consist of five players, one from each lane being top, jungle, mid, ADC and support. We are looking just at the starting roster here.

2) Must include at least one person from each team’s roster per group. For example, Team A’s dream team can’t consist of all of ROX Tiger – there must be one from ROX, one from G2 Esports, one from Counter Logic Gaming and one from Albus Nox Luna at least.

3) Players will be picked based on a mixture of results throughout the year and personal opinions. Some had to be dropped in favour of the rules, but if you have a problem with the picks, tweet @GAMURScom or @MonkeyKingHero to tell us who you would rather have to take the spot. 

With all that said, let us dive into GAMURS dream team for Group D of the League of Legends World Championships. 

Top – Royal Never Give Up

Jang “Looper” Hyeong-seok

Looper’s form in the spring season and MSI trumps any “problems” that persisted in the Summer Split. He is a superb top laner when called upon and his international form has been questioned at times, but I personally see him improving and coming to the tournament with a lot to prove.

Jungle – Samsung Galaxy

Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong


A personality who accredits his wins to his teamwork ethic and strategy, this man is a team player through and through, and he will win SSG precious points in this “group of death” as it would be called and should not go unnoticed. There is a reason SSG is here in this stage instead of KT Rolster and the “Ambition” that the team has is one of those reasons. 

Mid – Splyce

Chres “Sencux”Laursen


Sencux was accredited with being the player who helped get Splyce to Worlds. On a team full of rookies, Sencux’s collaboration with his team is immense and Splyce should not be counted out in this group because of him and his immaculate team. Enemies beware, this could become another Origen story.

ADC – Team SoloMid

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng


Since joining TSM, DoubleLift has improved immensely as an ADC and is still known as the best ADC in his region. Time will only tell if he can bring that regional success into the Worlds space, but for the time being, there is no one else who can go against Rox Tigers bot lane and win, other than Doublelift and his support. Speaking of which… 

Support – Team SoloMid

Vincent “Biofrost” Wang


NA’s rookie of the split; who could see this coming? After the loss of Yellowstar, the Summer Split saw Biofrost take up the reigns, and dominate the season as a whole. Biofrost is a superb support who deserves his place on the dream team. He can only get better as time goes by, and I can’t wait to see how he performs at Worlds 2016.

As we head into Worlds 2016 in North America, we ask you guys which team you are supporting in the competition? How far do you think they can go? Let us know on twitter @GAMURScom.

Adam Newell is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on Twitter – @MonkeyKingHero.