Little Legends are being removed from League’s ARAM mode in Patch 10.15

Say it ain't so.

Image via Riot Games

It seems like the Howling Abyss is no place for adorable Little Legends.

League of Legends game director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon informed fans of the unfortunate news in today’s dev blog, explaining that Little Legends are being removed from ARAMs in Patch 10.15.

“[Little Legends] on ARAM meaningfully undermine visual clarity, with the motion and brightness they add making it harder to track champions and their spells,” Meddler said. “We’d hoped to avoid that being an issue by having [Little Legends] usually avoid central areas where combat happens. That hasn’t been sufficient however.”

Little Legends act as avatars for players in Riot’s autobattler Teamfight Tactics, dancing and emoting their way into our hearts. Devs decided to throw them into ARAMs so players could spend more time with their adorable and cuddly buddies. But they appear to be adversely affecting gameplay.

Meddler explained that tons of players purchase them for TFT, but almost no one specifically bought a Little Legend to use in ARAM.

While some players might be sad to see them leave the Abyss, this will give Riot more freedom when creating future Little Legends. Now, devs won’t be limited in their design creation because Little Legends don’t have to be created with ARAMs in mind.

League players who own Little Legends but have never played TFT will get refunds starting with Patch 10.15. All Little Legends will be removed from those players’ accounts and the RP spent on them will be given back.

Little Legends unlocked through Twitch Prime rewards, however, won’t be refunded.