LCS teases Players, a forthcoming mockumentary series coming to Paramount+ streaming service

LCS Commissioner Chris Greeley revealed the project in an interview with League content creator Travis Gafford earlier today.

Photo via Riot Games

LCS commissioner Chris Greeley announced a new, fictional mockumentary-style series coming to the Paramount+ streaming service titled Players. The series was revealed in an interview with League content creator Travis Gafford published earlier today

Players will “follow a fictional professional League of Legends team as they attempt to win their first LCS title after years of failure,” Greeley said. The show will be produced by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda, the same pair who created American Vandal, a 2017 mockumentary series that ran for two seasons on Netflix. “The showrunners have been deep in the League of Legends world for…three years,” Greeley said in his interview with Gafford. “They’ve been to a bunch of finals and they’ve been to a bunch of LCS arena shows.”

Players will also feature input from actual LCS teams to provide a sense of realistic flair to the show. Riot Games has “reached across to the LCS teams who are going to be lending their brands and logos to add a little bit of realism,” according to Greeley.

Players won’t be Riot’s first venture into the television streaming landscape, either. The company partnered with Netflix to release League of Legends: Origins in 2019, an hour-long documentary about the non-fictional side of League’s history. Later this year, Riot will team up with Netflix once again to release Arcane, an animated series that dives into the lore of League

Players has not been given an official release date as of yet. The project, which is being produced in the style of other notable sports documentary series such as 2019’s The Last Dance, according to Greeley, should be expected next year.

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