Kramer Joins Afreeca Freecs

Ha "Kramer" Jong-hun has joined Afreeca Freecs

Photo via DreamHack

Following the announcement of Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng joining Afreeca Freecs, another player, Ha “Kramer” Jong-hun, has also joined this LCK team.

Afreeca Freecs finished in fifth place last split, just behind Samsung Galaxy, to get themselves a place in the summer playoffs, where they were beaten in the first round by SSG.

Afreeca then went into the regional qualifiers for the LCK’s third seed at Worlds, where they won in the first round, but ultimately lost again to SSG in the second round.

The future looks bright for Afreeca Freecs, as the acquisitions of Kramer and Kuro will help them compete in the ever-changing LCK. 

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