Join the LoL Pool Party!

(Image fromhttp://na.leagueoflegends.com/) From June15thto the 21st, Riot’s Pool Party promotion is in effect. You can learn more about the program here: http://na.leagueoflegends.

(Image from http://na.leagueoflegends.com/)

From June 15th to the 21st, Riot’s Pool Party promotion is in effect. You can learn more about the program here:
but a quick rundown is:

  • Earn collective community points by doing the following:
    • 5 points for every five-player premade team game (bot games don’t count)
    • 10 points when you gift to another play
    • 20 points when you gift to another player after a match ends
  • As the points are collected by the community, the community gets rewards:
    • 5 million points – 100% IP bonuses for five-player premades
    • 15 million points – Discounts in the LoL store
    • 25 million points – Mystery Champion unlock and Pool Party icon
    • 35 million points – Pool Party minions applied for patch 5.12
    • 45 million points – Party IP weekend unlocked for June 26-28
    • 55 million points – Pool Party Mundo skin awarded to all participating players

Right away, of course everyone wants to get the Pool Party Mundo skin, but how do we get the community as a whole to chip in for community points? User Varkrey on the NA Boards has an answer here:

Essentially, Varkrey’s plan is to open up chat rooms titled “Pool Party 1,” and then “Pool Party 2,” etc. when the previous room gets filled. Once in a chat room, you can then invite everyone from that room into a five-player premade until you get five willing members. If everyone plays normal games like this until the Pool Party promotion is over, we have a chance at the Pool Party Mundo skin!

Personally, I’ve only seen Pool Party 1 as a chat room, since it hasn’t hit the limit of chatroom users when I’ve been online, mandating the creation of Pool Party 2. But the second I entered the chat room, invitations to premade teams flooded my inbox, and I was able to get into a game extremely quickly to help the community rack up points. As a point of interest, ARAM games do count towards the rewards and also tend to be a lot shorter than games on Summoner’s Rift.

If you haven’t tried it yet, join in on the fun and help the community reach 55 million points by the end of the weekend!