Snaking wasn’t addressed in the most recent Infinite Warfare patch

A huge problem in the latest Call of Duty game has been ignored.

Earlier today, another patch was released for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare—but one of the biggest issues with the game wasn’t addressed.

Snaking is a form of movement where players go in and out of prone very quickly to make it more difficult for them to get shot. It’s been a major problem recently in Call of Duty. The majority of the professional scene believed that snaking would be either fixed or removed from the game entirely in today’s patch, but that wasn’t the case.

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Infinity Ward, the developers of Infinite Warfare, did make several general changes to the game in today’s patch, including the addition of a few new weapons and scorestreak variants.

The Auger light machine gun and the Trencher submachine gun were both added to Infinite Warfare, but these weapons won’t see much use in professional play since DLC weapons usually are banned from competition.

Additionally, scorestreak variants were introduced in this patch. Similar to weapon variants, these new variants offer different ways for players to customize their scorestreaks. But, similar to the new weapons, they’ll also most likely be banned from professional play.

Finally, the Ozzy Man Reviews voice over pack was added in this patch. For just $3.99, players can change the voice of the in-game announcer to sound like the popular YouTuber.

Although several other minor tweaks were made in this patch, the world of Call of Duty esports is still patiently waiting for snaking to be taken out of the game.