IMay’s Hankil “Road” Yoon Suspended and Fined

LPL's IMay Hankil "Road" Yoon has been fined and suspended for one game by Riot.

LPL’s IMay Hankil “Road” Yoon has been found to be in violation of League of Legends’ Code of Conduct and has been punished accordingly.

The ruling reads:

  • “On September 19, Hankil “Road” Yoon used racially insensitive language to abuse a player during a game on the Korean server.
  • Road was found to have been verbally abusive toward his teammates in Ranked play going as far back as late August and as recently as a game on October 5.
  • Road is being issued a 1-game suspension and a $2,000 fine for repeated instances of moderate to severe verbal abuse and one instance of racially-insensitive rhetoric.”

The ruling leaves IMay without Road for their match against Flash Wolves this coming Sunday. 

An official statement on the matter can be read here.

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