“I’d like to put up great results by continuing the momentum” – Interview with KOO Tigers’ Smeb

The KOO Tigers' Song "Smeb" Kyung-ho professed that he'd like to continue their newly-gained momentum to put up even greater results in their future matches.

Rocket League, the popular multiplayer game once heralded as the next mainstream esports breakout, is about to see some big changes

The KOO Tigers’ Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho professed that he’d like to continue their newly-gained momentum to put up even greater results in their future matches.

Though the ferocious Tigers were defeated handily by the NaJin e-mFire squad in Game 1, they were able to pull the match back in their favor — and ultimately, gain the victory — with Smeb pulling out the rock-hard Malphite in the top lane.

Read below for his MVP interview!

Q. We’re curious as to how you’re feeling after this Wildcard Match win?

Smeb: From what I remember, I think it’s our first ‘L-W-W’. We were a bit traumatized from the first game but I’m glad that we were able to shake it off to win. It was like I was in a trance while playing the games. All I could hear were random words like “Nice!” I’m feeling really great because we’re feeling what we had felt before.

Q. You lost powerlessly in Game 1. How would you dissect the loss?

Smeb: It was a team composition that we hadn’t practiced. Even during the match, it felt foreign to us. I think that is why we lost.

Q. You selected Malphite consecutively.

Smeb: Recently, all the top lane champs are so obvious. While trying out some new picks, I thought of Malphite, who has good synergy with Yasuo. However, laning phase was really hard. I practiced with that in mind. Laning phase definitely gets easier when I am able to take the blue buff into lane.

Q. What are some tips you’d give about playing Malphite?

Smeb: Laning phase is going to be rough, but all you have to do is just survive through it and do well in teamfights. Confidence is key when using the ultimate. You can’t think, “Oh, I’m probably going to miss” before you use it. All you have to do is think, “I’m going to get at least a 3-man ultimate” and go in.

Q. How did you prepare for the Blind Pick mode?

Smeb: We found out it was a Blind Pick only after we’d finished Game 2. I think our coach and head coach were confused (laughs). We were thinking about ban/picks, and was really flustered when we found out it would be Blind Pick. I think it turned out to be a good thing, since we were able to pick all of the champions we were confident in playing.

Q. During the Summer Season you kept losing to NaJin e-mFire. What did your teammates say to each other after that Game 1 loss?

Smeb: In Game 1, the team atmosphere was bleak because we couldn’t play to our practice standards. However, we reassured each other and talked about just playing how we usually play in Game 2.

Q. You’ll be facing CJ Entus?

Smeb: We thought that the match with NaJin e-mFire would be the most difficult. Since that mountain has been climbed and is now behind us, I think we’ll be able to prepare more comfortably for the other teams. The other teams are still very good. But since we were able to win the team we had lost both head-to-heads against, we’ve gained confidence.

Q. Is there another champion that you’ve been practicing?

Smeb: Not right now, but I will prepare one for the matches against CJ Entus. I normally like to research new champions, and when I pull them out in matches I feel that the opponents are unable to really deal with my new picks.

Q. CJ Entus is very good at playing Shen, who is a great Meta pick right now.

Smeb: I had also practiced a lot of Shen so I know his disadvantages. I think I will have to practice a lot so that I don’t get pushed out by the Shen. Honestly, Shen doesn’t really have clear disadvantages right now.

Q. You were swept at the Spring Finals. Your goals are probably unlike the others?

Smeb: SKT T1 was able to gain immense momentum by pulling off the reverse sweep. This post-season, I’d like to continue ours and get great results. Of course, they are difficult opponents, but I want to get revenge for last season’s Finals. As a pro player, I always dreamed of playing the Finals stage, but we lost so quickly. This time, I want to properly enjoy it.

Q. Any last comments you’d like to make?

Smeb: We’ll prepare for our other matches like we’ve prepared for the NaJin match today and show you enjoyable gameplay. Please cheer a lot for us!

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