I trained like a Fortnite Pro for a week, this is what happened. - Dot Esports

I trained like a Fortnite Pro for a week, this is what happened.

It didn’t start very pretty, but the results speak for themselves.

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What’s it take to be a professional gamer? There is no simple answer to this question but one thing is consistent across all professional competitions? You’re going to need a coach. From Fortnite to League of Legends, GamerSensei has professional coaches across the world who are ready to help you step your game up. 

I am quite a capable competitor when it comes to most games, Fortnite however, is not my forte. So I put GamerSensei to the test, and with the help of my friends, I trained like a Fortnite professional for a week. The final results were quite surprising.

Day 1

Before starting with a coach, you need to prepare a baseline. One of the first things a GamerSensei coach will ask is what you need help with—and I wasn’t about to just say everything. My first solo queue saw me eliminated within a couple of minutes and certainly not enough to build off. So I queued again.

This time I chose a landing spot a bit further out and survived until the mid-game. Surviving to the mid-game happened the next few games so I knew I had issues with my end-game preparation and my positioning. Those first games gave me enough of a starting point to start preparing for the week ahead. 

Day 3

Once you have your foundational problems down, a GamerSensei coach can then work with you to make improvements and get you to the next stage. After studying rotation patterns and reviewing my gameplay, I began making better decisions and by day three I had started progressing into the later stages of a match. I was not yet top 10—but my improvements were already noticeable.

The best thing about a GamerSensei coach is that they get hands-on with you. My mid-game issues were mostly around rotations, so being able to watch someone do it well and review my past movements meant I had a much better idea of what I was doing wrong. Reviewing your video replays and getting into the creative mode with a professional instantly helps you improve your game. 

Day 5

I began to consistently break into the top 10 each game. Some games I made it simply by rotating well and choosing better drop zones, all of which can be taught by your GamerSensei coach. Within just a few days I had developed a much better playing technique for the early and mid games, now it was time to develop my endgame abilities. The building aspect was something that I was struggling with.

Having traditionally played straight forward first-person shooter games, building was both a new and interesting mechanic that I had yet to master. To help me improve I was instructed to set up more efficient keybinds that would allow me to build faster and be more responsive. I noticed the difference straight away and was more surprised that I hadn’t thought of that myself earlier. When you are trying to master a new game simple mechanics like this are easily missed. Having a GamerSensei Coach instantly point that out might sting a little at first, but it will instantly make an improvement to your gameplay. That is what a Coach is for. 

Day 7

What a difference training like a professional made already. I didn’t need to put in 16 hours a day. A GamerSensei coach will help you set goals and give you targets to hit that will help you improve. Much like progressing through a battle pass, each night I focused on making small improvements that now see me placing in the top 10 with multiple kills each game. Better yet, I understand how I am getting to that point. Next week, my focus will be on building techniques and spending more time in creative modes to master my movements. 

Each GamerSensei coach will have a different method, but there is no arguing the results an effective Coach can have on your game. In just a week I made significant improvements and I am enjoying the game even more than I did before.

If Fortnite isn’t for you, GamerSensei also offers to coach across other titles including League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2 and many, many more. Head on over to GamerSensei to learn more about how it works and sign up to start improving today.