“I Think we are the Best Team in the Game”

After a disappointing loss to Team EnVyUs, The Gosu Crew got back to their winning ways after a decisive five game series against FaZe, and Anthony "DraMa" Padilla is confident in his team.

Being an online qualifier team has labeled The Gosu Crew as a team that excels online, and it seemed like the unfortunate stereotype stuck with the side after their 3-0 loss to Team EnVyUs.

And then, FaZe happened.

Taking down one of the sides in the “Group of Death” known as Group A, The Gosu Crew rolled out of Friday’s matches with a .500 record, and will face an Open Bracket side tomorrow.

Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson was not happy with the team’s loss to nV earlier in the day, but that did not throw his team off in their next match against FaZe.

“Honestly, we had confidence the whole game against nV,” said Prestinni. “We went down 0-2, and we were still thinking we were going to win. And honestly, if we would have won the Uplink, we would have came back and won the series. But after that, we were still confident. There were first game jitters, and the first game is the hardest. We were playing LAN for the first time on this game and it’s brand new.”

With an almost 100+ point win in the hardpoint prior, Gosu Crew started out hot in the game five Search and Destroy, almost sweeping the game mode with a 5-0 round run before FaZe answered back with three straight.

“It was really pure Gunless,” Prestinni said. “He called the plays before we even started the match and we had a really good play-caller. He told me to watch stairs and first round, four kills all within the first three seconds. We went up 5-0, wasted a couple of rounds, saw what we could do, and we closed it out from there.”

As a member of a young team that has been discounted heading into Vegas due to competing online, Anthony “DraMa” Padilla was not afraid to speak his mind about where his team is among the other sides attending MLG Vegas.

“I think we are the best team in the game, and I think I’m 10 times better than the player in front of me,” DraMa said. “Everybody underestimated us, and nobody sees behind the scenes with what we do when we scrim and how good we are. I think we are a part of the top-four teams. I don’t like talking smack, but we are better than nV, 100 percent.”

Needless to say, for a side short on rest, this team will be locked in for tomorrow’s match and have zero plans of attending tonight’s “End Game.”

“We need to focus on tomorrow and just get some rest,” Prestinni said. “I didn’t have very much sleep today and neither did my teammates, so we’ll get some rest tonight, eat well, get energized and be focused up tomorrow. I didn’t even know about that party. So probably not, even after you mention it.”

“It doesn’t matter who we are going to play,” DraMa said. “My mindset is that we are going to beat everybody, and it doesn’t matter, anybody. I hope we get an EU team like Orbit. And the better the team we play, the happier I’ll be.”

While the Gosu Crew will head out of the Mandalay Bay for the night 1-1, FaZe will stick around to face nV with their 0-1 record.

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