How to watch Twitch Rivals: World of Warcraft Classic

To celebrate the release of Warsong Gulch, Twitch Rivals is hosting a capture the flag streamer event.

Image via Twitch

Twitch is taking the nostalgia sensation of World of Warcraft Classic to the next level with the streaming service’s latest installation of Twitch Rivals.

Twitch Rivals: WoW Classic is bringing together 20 streamers, including Asmongold, Esfand, and Ziqo, for an asynchronous race for the most flag captures in Warsong Gulch within a three-hour time period tomorrow. The newly-released battleground will feature teams of five up against the clock in a brawl of epic proportions. 

The winning team, after hours of action, will take home $3,000 worth of gifted subscriptions. Footwear and sports apparel company Puma will also be awarding the fastest team to capture the flag in the tournament a set of shoes that cost up to $100.


  • Four teams with five players each.
  • Each team will queue up into Warsong Gulch as pre-made teams of five players. Since the battleground is a 10-vs-10 game mode, however, the teams will be randomly matchmade with up to five teammates.
  • Teams are awarded points for each flag captured in Warsong Gulch.
  • Only flags captured in the three-hour period will be counted toward the overall score.
  • Flags can be captured by any teammate, no matter if they’re competing in the tournament.
  • Twitch Rival players will have the three-hour time limit extended by five minutes if they’re holding the flag at the end of the session.
  • The event is exclusive to Horde players on the Faerlina server.


Twitch Rivals: WoW Classic kicks off at 3pm CT on Thursday, Dec. 12. It’ll end at approximately 6pm CT.

Where to watch

The tournament is available to watch on Twitch Rivals’ official broadcast or on each of the participants’ streams.