How to watch the Dr Disrespect vs. iFerg CODM Battle Royale Kill Race

The Doc is finally trying his hands on a mobile game.

Image via Activision

Dr. Disrespect will be competing in Call of Duty: Mobile against Tribe Gaming’s popular content creator iFerg. The 80’s Throwdown will see the two personalities competing in a kill race in CODM’s battle royale mode.

What makes this clash even more exciting is Dr. Disrespect’s infamous tweet from June 2019, when he said that “mobile gamers aren’t real gamers.” The Doc had later clarified, though, while streaming with former PUBG Mobile pro Sc0utOP in August 2020 that the tweet was done “in a spur moment.”

Nonetheless, a lot of fans will be looking to see the Two Time step away from a keyboard and mouse to pick up a handheld device. In a tweet, the Doc revealed that he will be competing in the Throwdown with a tablet. He also posted a picture of his first game in CODM‘s battle royale mode, where he managed to pick up an impressive 14 kills.

You can watch the throwdown live on Call of Duty: Mobile’s official YouTube channel. It will begin on May 24 at 1pm CT.

The exact rules of the Dr. Disrespect vs iFerg throwdown haven’t been revealed. They will likely play in separate battle royale matches to see who can pick up the most kills. Since they will be playing a classic battle royale match, fans playing CODM at the time of the competition could bump into either personality in-game.