Dr Disrespect apologizes for saying “mobile gamers aren’t real gamers”

The Doc streamed with PUBG Mobile player, Sc0utOP.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect apologized in a YouTube stream yesterday for saying people who play video games on mobile aren’t “real gamers.”

The Doc was streaming with professional PUBG Mobile player and content creator for Fnatic, Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh. While talking about handheld gaming with the professional player, the Doc clarified his tweet from 2019 where he said that “mobile gamers aren’t real gamers.”

“Not sure if you ever saw my tweet, so I just want to get ahead of the controversy, about me saying that mobile gamers aren’t real gamers,” Dr Disrespect told the Indian player on stream. “It was a spur moment. I just want to make sure that I get ahead of it.”

Sc0utOP laughed it off and said that it’s “completely fine.”

This is the first time the two famous personalities played together. Dr Disrespect was recently banned from Twitch for unknown reasons. The streamer has since found a new home on YouTube. Playing with Sc0utOP isn’t surprising as the player is known to pull some of the best numbers by a solo streamer on the platform. Just a few days back, Sc0utOP managed a peak viewership of over 358,000 people.

Dr Disrespect and Sc0utOP played Call of Duty: Warzone and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout together. Sc0utOP’s stream roped in 128,000 people at its peak while Dr Disrespect managed a peak viewership of 104,000 people, according to AFK Gaming.