How to watch Sony’s PlayStation State of Play

It starts tomorrow at 4pm CT.

Image via Sony

Sony announced today that the latest State of Play will be coming tomorrow, including “new reveals” as well as some updates for different titles that have already been unveiled.

The show is set to last around 20 minutes, but don’t hold your breath if you want to hear about PlayStation VR2 updates. Sony said it doesn’t plan on talking about any new VR games or hardware.

Starting at 4pm CT, the broadcast tomorrow, March 9, will be live on both Twitch and YouTube. You’ll be able to catch the State of Play on the official PlayStation channels on each platform.

You will also likely be able to catch some or all of the broadcast on the channel of your favorite reaction streamers. While there could be licensed music involved in some of the presentations, PlayStation does allow for content creators to co-stream the State of Play. 

If you miss the broadcast, you’ll be able to catch the VOD on both PlayStation’s Twitch and YouTube channels as well. The State of Play will be a recent broadcast on Twitch and will be a video on YouTube.