How to use the Wonder Box feature in Pokémon Home


Image via Nintendo

Pokémon Home is adding a bunch of new ways to play with Pokémon today. And one, in particular, is catching the attention of many trainers.

The Wonder Box is a new feature in Pokémon on the mobile version of Pokémon Home. You can dump Pokémon into it to exchange them for other random Pokémon from trainers across the world.

If you’re using a free version of Pokemon Home, you’ll only be able to put three Pokémon in the Wonder Box menu, which can be found in the “Trades” menu of the game, at a time. Premium paid users can have 10 Pokémon in the feature at once.

You can add a Pokémon to the Wonder Box slot by pressing any of the + buttons. As long as you leave it there, over time, the Pokémon will vanish and be replaced by another Pokémon from a random trainer around the world.

Obviously, there’s no telling what Pokémon you’ll get and you won’t be able to take back the Pokémon you put into the slot, so be sure to choose carefully before going through with the feature.