How to train your aiming and movement in Apex Legends

Apex requires a mix of aiming and movement skills.

Written in partnership with Aim Lab.

Apex Legends is one of the most unique FPS games out there in terms of required skill sets. Movement is just as integral as aiming, if not more.

To be an amazing Apex player, you must be able to keep your aim steady, even when trying to make your opponents miss. Aim Lab has you covered. These six scenarios are great for honing your mouse control while your keyboard hand stays busy.

Wall Peek Expert

This scenario features two rooms separated by a wall. You’ll be tasked with strafing back and forth between rooms while taking down enemies on either side. These enemies do shoot back, which will make sure you keep moving. Additionally, enemies could appear far or close to the wall, getting you used to acquiring targets at different depths. While this scenario doesn’t require the most intense movement or aiming, it will serve as a good foundation to improving these skills.

Strafebot Ultimate

Strafebot Ultimate is a simple yet important scenario. In it, you’ll equip a 9mm pistol and go against a single humanoid target who will be constantly shooting and strafing. This closely represents how many of your short and mid-range Apex encounters without cover will go. In Apex, every bullet matters in deciding who comes out on top of these fights. Even if the scenario seems easy compared to others, try to maximize your accuracy for the best practice.

MicroStarTrack Precision

This scenario is apparent in your general Apex gameplay but is still just as important. MicroStarTrack Precision features a tiny target that will be moving in short lines. Your micro adjustments and fine mouse control will be tested here. Tracking this target will be difficult at first, but getting better at it will greatly assist in your mid to long-range spray adjustments in Apex, leading to an increase in one-clip kills.

Rocketshot Ultimate

One thing that separates Apex from other FPS games is the prevalence of quick vertical movement. In addition to frequent high ground from buildings and terrain, legends like Valkyrie, Octane, and Horizon are constantly able to go flying with their teammates. Rocketshot Ultimate will help you learn to track these targets while under fire. The multitude of enemies will be constantly jumping and shooting, forcing you to stay active with your mouse and keyboard.

Hordeshot Standard

Hordeshot Standard will have you standing in front of a shooting range where multiple enemies will come out from three hallways on either side. You’d normally stand still while switching from target to target to maximize your score. But for this routine, you should instead be constantly strafing left and right to practice hitting these strafing enemies while moving. In addition to the hallways providing different depths of aim, the enemies come in bulk and can randomly crouch, making for an intense precision workout.

Free Track Ultimate

Our last scenario features a single, invincible target that will constantly move while randomly jumping, crouching, and shooting. Free Track Ultimate is an endurance-based scenario that will test your mouse stability. Try to take note of how hard you’re clicking and make sure to keep your hand loose and relaxed. Maintaining a healthy and constant level of tension will help your aim stay steady and ready at any moment.

These six Aim Lab scenarios should help you improve your aim against moving targets in Apex while constantly moving yourself. Having developed aiming and movement skills will make you into a much more threatening player. Keep practicing and soon you’ll be able to frag with the best of them.