How to summon the Headless Horseman in WoW Classic TBC

He drops a handful of festive Halloween items.

Hallow’s End is officially upon Azeroth in World of Warcraft Classic, and for Burning Crusade players, it’s finally time to take on the Headless Horseman.

Players can summon the Headless Horseman one time every day. This means that in a full group of five players, each can summon the horseman, giving you five total opportunities to get some of the unique seasonal loot.

Along with three different rings, the horseman drops a helmet, a sword with an on-use ability that summons Pumpkin Soldiers, and other goodies. Some of the more flavorful things you can earn from a horseman kill include magic broom mounts that have a limited lifespan, a Sinister Squashling pet, and a weighted Jack-o’-Lantern toy.

To get your chance at this loot, you’ll want to gather a group of five players that are level 65 or higher and go to the Graveyard instance in the Scarlet Monastery. The dungeon is in the northeast of Tirisfal Glades, a Horde-controlled zone.

Once inside the instance, you should see a “Pumpkin Shrine” that offers a daily quest called “Call the Headless Horseman.” Accepting the quest will give you a “Dreary Candle.”

Take that candle to the “Loosely Turned Soil” in the cemetery and click the pile. It will summon the Headless Horseman. 

The boss has a little more than 100,000 health so a group of five geared players shouldn’t have too difficult of a time taking him out.

Again, make sure that everyone in your group picks up the daily quest. Each of you will be able to summon the horseman. Getting five chances at the drop you want every day will increase your likelihood of going home with the loot you came for.

The event ends on Nov. 1, giving players two full weeks of daily resets to try to get their rings, toys, mounts, and other horseman items.