How to improve your precision and aiming fundamentals in Apex Legends

Steady hand, steady aim.

Written in partnership with Aim Lab.

Gun skill is at the center of Apex Legends gameplay. If you struggle to consistently hit your shots, the game becomes much more difficult. But never fear, Aim Lab is here with six scenarios designed to train your precision and aiming. This playlist will help train your mouse movement and stability to ensure that you’ll be able to hit shots anywhere, any time.

Before you get started, make note of your mouse sensitivity. Feel free to adjust it up or down to find your best starting accuracy. A higher sensitivity forces you to use tiny hand and arm movements to make small adjustments but will likely be more comfortable overall. A lower sensitivity allows you to more easily make precise adjustments but will slow down your mouse movement for anything else. You’re looking to find a balance, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Sixshot Ultimate

Sixshot Ultimate features multiple minuscule targets that spawn at varying distances from each other. You’ll need to really control your mouse movement to quickly switch from target to target without over or undershooting. Focus on controlling your hand’s momentum as you accelerate and decelerate.

Multishot Ultimate

This scenario also contains multiple targets spawning in front of you, but this time they are oscillating in size. The goal is to be as fast and accurate as possible, meaning that you’ll want to get to your next target before it shrinks and causes you to lose accuracy. Work to find a balance between speed and precision to maximize your score.

Scattershot Standard

Scattershot Standard is a unique scenario that has you flicking to a single target. Once you hit it, the target will split into two smaller targets very close by. Successfully destroying those starts the cycle over. This scenario tries to emulate a standard aim pattern in Apex by having you make a large adjustment to your target, then micro-adjust to make sure all your shots land.

Microshot Ultimate

In Microshot Ultimate, targets will spawn one after the other in a smaller range of motion. You’ll be using small mouse movements to quickly switch to the next target and build micro-adjustment muscle memory. This scenario will build up a familiarity with that smaller area of your mouse pad, so try and switch between it and other scenarios that integrate some larger movement like Scattershot Standard.

Headshot Precision

Headshot Precision places one target at a time on the same vertical, headshot level. All that you’ll be doing is flicking left and right to click as many heads as possible. Try and stay accurate while focusing on your crosshair placement to get a feel for proper headshot aiming. This scenario isn’t too important to master, but it is meant to get you ready for the grand finale.

Hordeshot Standard

The last scenario ties everything that you’ve been practicing together. Hordeshot Standard will send multiple player-shaped targets at you from both sides at varying depths. These targets can strafe wide or close and will randomly crouch. Your goal is to quickly take down as many as you can. Being able to flick from head to head is crucial.

Apex is a movement-heavy FPS. To make this practice more applicable to the actual game, try to turn on Practice Mode in the settings and take on the scenario while constantly strafing back and forth. This will be much more difficult, but it will simulate gunfights much more accurately with you trying to dodge your opponent’s shots as well.

Those six scenarios will help you improve your accuracy and aiming fundamentals in Apex. Each set will take about 15 minutes and will train both your flicks and your micro-adjustments. You may not see progress right away, but building proper habits and mouse movement will make you a more consistent player in the long run.