How to become (or evade) the best sniper in Apex Legends

Sniping can be fun if you know what you're doing.

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One of the major changes in the most recent Apex Legends patch was a boost to the effectiveness of sniping.

This patch made it a bit more inviting to snipe by adding the amount of damage done to the legs, so any missed headshots that still hit elsewhere matter more than ever there. Sniping hasn’t been popular in Apex Legends up until now, but this patch might cause an increase in the number of snipers on the battlefield.

Here are the best ways to become or avoid the sharpest shooting sniper in Apex.

Apex sniper rifles

When you’re talking about sniping in Apex, it’s important to know about your choice of weaponry. Whether you like getting a couple hits in mid-range fights as fast as you can pull the trigger or downing opponents with one headshot from across the map, Apex has enough variety for almost every playstyle.

It doesn’t end with the guns, though. Experimenting with different scopes and hop-ups could lead to interesting discoveries about what you like to use to kill your enemies. Don’t be afraid to switch it up and have fun with it until you find the right combo that works for you.

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Triple Take

The Triple Take is an energy weapon that shoots three shots in a horizontal plane with every pull of the trigger. This firing pattern makes trying to take down a running foe much easier since you have three chances to land a hit.

G7 Scout

While the G7 Scout deals the least amount of damage per shot out of all the Apex sniper rifles, it has a very quick fire rate and can almost be used as a mid-range weapon depending on the scope providing good versatility.

Havoc (with the Select Fire hop-up)

The Havoc isn’t really a sniper rifle on its own, but with the select fire attachment, it becomes a chargeable laser beam that can be used in mid-range fights.


The Longbow is a heavy sniper rifle that fires a bit slower with only one shot, but it deals a good amount of damage.


The Kraber is a legendary sniper rifle that packs the most punch out of all the other weapons in its class. But it fires the slowest and only comes with eight rounds of specific Kraber ammo. If you’re a confident marksman, this gun could wipe out squads and secure you a win.


There are a few different types of scopes that are ideal for sniping, but they vary in function depending on playstyle. The two main types are variable scopes and sniper scopes.

Variable scopes let the user switch between two zoom settings, allowing the sniper rifle to be more versatile in mid-to-long range gunfights. While the sniper scope doesn’t allow the same kind of flexibility, it gives the player the most amount of zoom in the game while considerably reducing visibility.


The Triple Take, Longbow, and Havoc all utilize hop-ups, which improve their effectiveness or change their function. For more information about the specific effects of hop-ups, check out our guide on these attachments.


All legends aren’t created equally when it comes to their effectiveness at sniping across the map. A few champions have abilities that work great in combination with long-range gunplay.


This friendly and deadly robot’s ultimate and active powers allow them to zip easily to high vantage points and set up ziplines for quick escapes. Having a zipline placed before any trouble finds you could make the difference between dying in your sniper’s roost and zipping to fight another day.


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This feral killer doesn’t have the same mobility as Pathfinder, but their powers help pinpoint enemy locations, which allows for easier kills and proactive escapes. Bloodhound’s ultimate provides great visibility, especially when firing from above. The red heat signature against the grey landscape can help you locate and kill even the most secure campers.

While Bloodhound’s active power isn’t as strong for being active, it can be used quite effectively if you feel someone might be sneaking behind you, providing a good defense. Turn around and use it frequently. You never know when an enemy might be coming up behind you to avenge their teammate.


Caustic doesn’t have much going for him to help him when shooting down targets, but his abilities do give him peace of mind to make headshots and get kills. His “independent variables” can be placed in any choke point leading to his position and give away an enemy’s location when tripped. If the player is a good enough sniper on their own merit, Caustic could be the perfect character for piercing skulls from across the map.


Lead, don’t follow

Bullets drop over distance and take time to travel, so make sure you’re aiming a bit ahead and above where your target is going when sniping.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a sniper’s scope, make sure to move erratically. It may feel strange to jump and duck and sometimes stop altogether, but this unpredictability might save your life.

Watch your back or someone will

All of those loud shots are bound to draw some attention. The map is designed in such a way that there’s almost no perfect vantage point without some kind of risk of exposure. Make sure to turn around regularly. You never know when you might catch a predator that’s about to pounce.

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If you’re being pestered by a sniper, use some effort or teamwork to get someone behind them (if there’s an opportunity to do so).

Know the best positions and make them yours

There are some places that are almost made for sniping in Kings Canyon. Learn where they are and move to them quickly. The large overlooks that lead into the Cascades and out from Repulser are great places to get a good view of the entire map.