How much does PlayStation Plus cost? Full pricing details

The subscription is a huge plus to your PlayStation experience.

Image via Sony

PlayStation’s game roster is filled with epic single-player games, but the real fun starts when you begin playing with your friends in online lobbies. Unlike PC gaming, accessing a PlayStation game’s online features is locked behind a paid subscription system to PlayStation Plus (PS Plus).

PS Plus isn’t just a paywall that’s for playing multiplayer game modes with your friends, though. It offers more services that make subscribing more than worth it for most gamers.

In addition to allowing gamers to play with their friends or against other players online, a PS Plus subscription also rewards them with free games each month. While some months can be a miss, PS Plus users were able to claim games like Days Gone, The Last Of Us Remastered, and the Bioshock Collection for free.

Considering how much these games cost, the subscription can end up paying for itself over time. There are a few different subscription types that you can choose while becoming a PS Plus member. Options range from a month-long subscription to a 12-month-long subscription.

Here is how much each PS Plus subscription costs.

  • One-month PS Plus Subscription: $9.99
  • Three-month PS Plus Subscription: $24.99
  • 12-Month PS Plus Subscription: $59.99

During events like Black Friday, Christmas, or Days of Play, PS Plus memberships are discounted, making the subscription system even more worth it.

Most users prefer waiting for these occasions to renew their subscription or use the opportunity to add time to their existing membership. If you purchase a PS Plus subscription while you’re still an active PS Plus member, your new purchase will be added to your remaining time. It’s possible to stack years of PS Plus membership, so if you stumble upon a deal by Sony that’s too good to refuse, it may be a decent idea to add a few years to your subscription so you can continue to add free games to your collection for a longer time.