How many steps does it take to unlock new Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom?

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Image via Niantic

Pikmin Bloom is the latest AR game by Niantic, using another popular Nintendo IP. Players will find, grow and collect Pikmin, who can be sent out on expeditions or simply to grow other Pikmin seedlings.

While walking about, you’ll have the opportunity to earn fruits and seedlings. Seedlings are extremely important to collect, as this is how you’re going to grow your collection of Pikmin within the game.

During your time playing the game, you’ll notice that there are plenty of different Pikmin available to earn, all coming from different types of seedlings. If you’re new, then you’re probably wondering how many steps that it takes to grow a new Pikmin.

How many steps does it take to unlock new Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom?

Image via Nintendo

Growing new Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom can take between 1,000 and 10,000 steps. This number will differ depending on the type of Pikmin that you’re growing.

If you’ve got one of the more common Red or Blue Pikmin, then growing may only take 1,000 steps. For other colors like Purple, however, the process will take longer.

The most difficult Pikmin to grow will come from Huge Seedlings. These are rare finds, and once you’ve got them, they will take 10,000 steps to become Pikmin. 

They are rare Decor Pikmin, one of the main collectibles present in the game. Each of these costume Pikmin will boast its own unique outfit, and players can try and collect them all.