Hiko leaves OpTic’s CS:GO team

One of the most popular players in CS:GO will no longer be playing for the Green Wall.

One of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s most popular players will no longer be a stand-in for OpTic Gaming.

Spencer “Hiko” Martin, who played on Team Liquid for almost a year and a half, joined OpTic as a stand-in on Feb. 6 after the squad had a rough run at the ELEAGUE Major, where they went 13-16. Hiko replaced Peter “Stanislaw” Jarguz, who took Hiko’s place on Liquid.

OpTic’s coach, Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu, recently revealed that he will no longer be working with the team, which deals another blow to the leadership structure of the North American team. Shortly after this, Will “RUSH” Wierzba said on Twitter that Ryan “freakazoid” Abadir, the ex-figure head of Echo Fox’s entry into CS:GO, would be the new stand-in.

Hiko is currently exploring his options, the ex-Liquid lurker and in-game leader said in his announcement tweet.