Hearthstone’s “Year of the Mammoth” Announced

As the Year of the Kraken comes to an end, the Year of the Mammoth begins.

As 2016 came to a close, so did the Year of the Kraken in Hearthstone. In typical Trading Card Gaming fashion, when one adventure ends, another must begin.

Blizzard has claimed the theme for this year operates in “Mammoth Proportions” and that it will include numerous changes to how the standard format will operate.

On top of Blackrock Mountain, League of Explorers and The Grand Tournament expansions rotating out of standard, Blizzard has stated that numerous card from the classic set will be rotated to wild in order to promote deck variety. You can read more about these changes on Blizzard’s official post.

Moving into the Year of the Mammoth, Blizzard has decided to change how they will do expansions. Instead of numerous expansions spread out by a couple months, they will be doing only three expansions this year, but each will consists of ~130 cards. They will also be experimenting with a more interactive way of learning about the cards of each set, as well as a better adventure format.

Be on the lookout for a more in-depth analysis of this announcement later, where we will discuss the implications of these changes and exactly how they will affect the meta and competitive scenes.