Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind card might be referencing Ezreal from League of Legends

The Prodigal Explorer will aid Face Hunters in landing the critical blow in Hearthstone.

Image via Riot Games

Blizzard has revealed all of the cards from Hearthstone’s latest expansion, United in Stormwind. One card that caught a professional player’s eye, though, was Aimed Shot, a three-mana Hunter spell.

The card allows you to deal three damage and it improves your next hero power, which will deal two additional damage. There are a lot of similarities between Ezreal from League of Legends and the new Hunter card, however, including the character’s blonde hair, googles, and outfit, as well as the word “shot” being in the card’s name, possibly referencing Ezreal’s Mystic Shot.

Hunters are dominating the Hearthstone meta and one of the class’ best decks is Face Hunter. This card will fit perfectly into that strategy to deal as much damage as possible to an opponent’s face while bypassing all the Taunt minions they might play. Even though there will be a meta shift with the release of the new expansion, Face Hunter has a solid base and will most likely remain a powerful deck. It’s possible you’ll get to see more of “Ezreal” in Hearthstone while players do their best to climb to the Legend rank in the first couple of days of the expansion.

While there have been various Easter eggs referencing movies, books, music, and video games added to Hearthstone over the years, this might be the first time a card has referenced a champion from another game outside of Blizzard’s universe. And even if the art on Aimed Shot wasn’t intended to look like Ezreal, the resemblance is uncanny.

Hearthstone and League fans can try out Aimed Shot when United in Stormwind launches on Aug. 3.

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