Hearthstone pros are pretty excited about the Journey to Un’Goro set reveal

Is this the expansion Hearthstone fans have been hoping for?

With the release expected on or around April 6, next Tuesday, players have finally seen the full range of cards that will be added to Hearthstone next week.

The 135 cards of Journey to Un’Goro will bring all new mechanics and archetypes—particularly transformative given that hundreds of cards are rotating out of the Standard format at the same time.

So with all the cards now revealed, players can start to form opinions on what direction the set will take the game. Pro players have leveled their verdicts—and the responses are almost universally positive.

In particular, the set’s emphasis on attempting to slowdown the currently aggressive-focused meta game has been welcomed—though some players are less happy (even if in jest).

While the set overall is getting positive reviews, some cards look potentially too powerful. Galvadon, the Paladin Quest reward minion, was one of the standout cards of the set. A five-mana 5/5 to start with, Galvadon Adapts five times. That means players can add attack buffs, stealth or windfury—or any combination of these powerful effects.

Galvadon isn’t the only card with some crazy potential combos in Un’Goro. The Rogue and Mage Quest rewards also unlock some insane potential plays, and top content creator “DisguisedToast” has already got a video together looking at some of the most interesting ones.

It seems almost impossible not to be excited for Un’Goro, as it promises to truly deliver the transformative impact players hoped for from the Standard set rotation. With so many new decks and strategies to try, it’s impossible at this stage to predict what decks will be top tier. Just make sure you listen to what Toast says—don’t play Pirate Warrior.

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