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Hasbro reveals new line of ‘Victory Royale’ Fortnite toys

Time to wipe out Tomato Town with some new toys.

Image via Game Informer

Hasbro has unveiled a slew of new Fortnite action figures as part of its “Victory Royale” line and they’re sure to excite kids and collectors alike.

The toys were revealed in a Hasbro livestream and snagged by Game Informer. The new lineup is full of recent, popular Fortnite characters and skins.

The first wave of the new figures includes Ripley, Lynx, and Midas Rex, all of which include a harvesting tool, weapon, and back bling. There’s also a deluxe figure for Meowscles, which includes a workout bench and much more.

There’s even a Sky Snipes figure and a “giant” figure of a shark, which can be split in two to reveal accessories such as a fishing rod, water skis, and a shield pot.

Fortnite has been ripe for toy ideas since it blew up back in 2018 and Hasbro sees it. The company recently extended its licensing partnership with Epic Games for another five years.

Hasbro did not reveal a release date or price point for the figures but said they’re “coming soon.”