God Fist Lee Sin is coming to kick your ass

Lee’s newest skin has a special ward that interacts with his ward-jumps.

God Fist Lee Sin was revealed by Riot today on Twitter, and it’s definitely the most badass Lee skin yet.

A teaser for the skin was shared on the League of Legends Twitter account yesterday, and since then we’ve been patiently waiting to find out more. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long, with one of the Rioters on the skin design team tweeting some gifs of the new Legendary Skin today for us all to gawk at.

The special ward skin shown above will be obtainable alongside the skin itself. We hear that if you jump to a ward as God Fist Lee Sin and the ward has that ward skin, it has a specialized animation to go along with it.

The skin will also feature all-new animations for skills, attacks, and obviously a new character model. Lee is also getting his own special voice-over for God Fist. Lee Sin might be one of the most mechanically-advanced champions in the game, but this skin will make everyone want to insta-lock him in solo queue at least once to try it out.