G2 Esports and Unicorns of Love Stay Undefeated: EU LCS Week 2, Day 3 Recap

The EU LCS took to the rift for another day of action and today's matches featured four undefeated teams.

In the third day of the second week in the European League Championship series, four undefeated teams took to the rift with only two team emerging with the title after the series. In Group B the Unicorns of Love took on H2k-Gaming, while in Group A G2 Esports played Misfits.

(2-1) H2k Gaming 1-2 Unicorns of Love (3-0)

Game One: Despite a disadvantage in kills, H2k grabbed a small gold lead early in the game due to their macro play. Though they continued to lose team fights, H2k kept their gold lead due to the towers they took. Unicorns would finally take a gold lead after winning multiple team fights in a row and taking Baron. Using their team fight superiority, the Unicorns took the win in game one over H2k.

Game Two: In the second map, H2k continued to have great macro play, but this time they were also winning teamfights, giving them a strong lead in the game. H2k won a team fight at the 32 minute mark in commanding fashion. This allowed them to take down the base of the Unicorns of Love and win the second match, pushing the series to a decider.

Game Three: H2k took another strong lead in the bot lane, allowing them to take an early drake. The game became extremely bloody and teams were evenly matched mid-way through the game. The Unicorns won a crucial fight around the Baron pit and took a lead over H2k. The Unicorns of Love teamfight supremecy led them to a victory in game three and a series lead over H2k.

Player of the Series: My player of the series is Fabian “Exileh” Schubert. In the first game, Exileh was given the freedom to make plays on Katarina and lead his team to success. In the final decieder match, Exileh helped the team to a comeback on Ryze. Exileh is still the main carry for his team and is the center-point of an undefeated UoL side.

(2-1) Misfits 1-2 G2 Esports (3-0)

Game One: Misfits took the lead early in game one on the backs of stellar play by Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage and Lee “KaKAO” Byung-kwon , though they had a large kill lead, the gold lead was slim. Misfits steadily increased their lead and was able to eventually close out the game in the 44th minute, upsetting the favored G2 team.

Game Two: In the second game, G2 took the early lead through a tower advantage utilizing Ivern’s kit to effectively push down turrets. G2 significantly grew their lead by taking more and more turrets, even breaking into Misfits base. G2 snowballed their advantage and eventually finished the game in another 40+ minute match, forcing a third game.

Game Three: After a very long pause before the game got underway, Misfits jumped out to an early lead through the bot lane. Shortly after an initial lead by Misfits, G2 pulled back to make the game even. G2 grew their lead after successful team fights and secured the Baron. G2 eventually put the game out of Misfit’s reach and secured the final game and the series win.

Player of the Series: My player of the series isKim “Trick” Gang-yun. Trick played Ivern in the two wins for G2 and utilized the champions kit efficiently to generate a gold lead by taking down turrets. Trick has continued his MVP performances and has helped G2 to an undefeated record.

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