Free Fire and PUBG Mobile creators are making an open-world zombie survival game

Undawn will be a cross-platform game for mobile and PC.

Screengrab via Garena

The creators of Free Fire, Garena announced a new open-world zombie survival game called Undawn today. It will be a third-person shooter game with cross-platform support for mobile and PC.

The game is being developed by Tencent’s Lightspeed and Quantum Studios and will be published by Garena. Lightspeed and Quantum is the same studio that brought PUBG to Android and iOS. 

Screengrab via Garena

Undawn is set in a post-apocalyptic world which is infested by zombies. It will feature both player-vs-player (PvP) and player-vs-environment (PvE) modes. The goal of the game is to explore the world of Undawn, gather resources and other materials to set up a base. Players will also be able to team up with others to fight against the hordes of zombies and protect themselves.

Screengrab via Garena

Based on screenshots from the official website, Undawn will have a variety of environments ranging from jungles to cities. There will also be a variety of zombie-like creatures to fight off. 

Undawn will be running its first pre-alpha test towards the end of April. Players can register for it through the official website. The first alpha-test will only be for Android devices. A release date for the game hasn’t been announced yet. 


Wasif Ahmed
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