Fortnite YouTuber MaximilianMus accused of harassing streamers

He's accused of harassment and impersonation.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite YouTuber Max “MaximilianMus” Ahmed Lundgren is facing accusations of harassment and impersonating Twitch streamer Jacob “Weest” West. 

Weest has accused MaximilianMus of impersonating him or allowing his friend to impersonate him and allegedly instructing him to harass and attack fellow streamers, making others assume that Weest was behind the attacks. “He’s an absolute scumbag,” Weest said. 

He said that MaximilianMus’ Discord channel is used to harass fellow streamers. Weest posted a video on Twitter of MaximilianMus posting links to Twitch streamers and then instructing his audience to say hateful comments in the chat and say that these messages were falsely sent from Weest. Due to his large following, this leads to a high volume of spam and harassment. 

MaximilianMus has also been accused of harassing Weest’s girlfriend. Her father recently passed away and MaximilianMus allegedly instructed his followers to send hateful messages toward her on Twitter

Weest argued that MaximilianMus uses Twitch because he can instruct his followers to report Weest’s channel in order to get him banned. “He’s weaponized his audience, it is absolutely disgusting” Weest said.

YouTube doesn’t allow any form of harassment or breach of content guidelines, but no action has been taken against MaximilianMus’ YouTube channel.