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Where to find the Infinity Blade location in Fortnite

It always spawns at the same place.

Image via Epic Games

Update Dec. 14 at 2:25 pm CT: The Infinity Blade has been removed from all Fortnite game modes.

Fortnite: Battle Royale just got its first mythic weapon, the sword Infinity Blade. Some players are still trying to understand the best way to use it, while others are already demolishing their opponents with it in professional competitions.

But everything starts with knowing where to find it, and it will always appear exactly on the same spot every match.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Players can find it on top of a mountain in Polar Peak, in the center of the area. It’s right above the “R” in the name of the area on the map.

The Infinity Blade is in a stone. Players who manage to get close to it must hold their interact button, which is “E” by default on the PC, to take it out.

As soon as the player holds it, their health and shield will be set to 200. They’ll also drop all the items in their inventory, except materials.

If you go there and don’t find the Infinity Blade, it means it was taken by another player. Try following the audio cues of the sword or the blue glow that surrounds it to spot the opponent, take them down, and steal the sword.

If you go to Polar Peaks in the early game, it’s better to first find guns in the surrounding area to eliminate opponents and dominate the area. Only then will you be safe enough to grab the Infinity Blade and start slashing your way to Victory Royale.