Fortnite and Secret Lab are partnering for a new line of gaming chairs

Only the best chair for the Loopers.

An image from Secret Lab showing off their new gaming chairs with the Fortnite Battle Bus embroidered on the back
Image via Secret Lab

Fortnite is royalty when it comes to the collabs that manage to grace the battle royale’s island. But Epic Games is just as business savvy outside of the game, entering into branded partnerships in the real world with a variety of gaming items. The newest collab comes between Fortnite and the Secret Lab gaming chair company.

In the coming months, players will be able to purchase one of the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Fortnite Battle Bus Edition gaming chairs. Each chair will cost $624 and comes with a never-seen-before embroidering of the Battle Bus on the back and the logo on the front. The chairs are available in S, R, and XL. You can also buy one of the themed lumbar pillows for $59 each.

An image from Secret Lab showing three different lumbar pillows, one that has Cuddle Team Leader, one with Peely's face, and one with the pinata llamas
Image via Secret Lab

In addition to the chair and pillow, players will also unlock access to the Chip Set wrap in Fortnite, which is now exclusive to this brand of gaming chair. To unlock this exclusive wrap, players will need to purchase one of the chairs from the Secret Lab store.

Secret Lab is known for producing a variety of gaming chairs, desks, and other accessories that help gamers get the most out of every match. While there’s been no price given for the Fortnite Battle Bus Edition chairs, similar models cost anywhere from $550 to $600. Players can likely expect to pay several hundred dollars if they’re looking for one of these premium chairs.

The chairs will be released to the public starting on Sept. 6 at 11am CT, so players can begin to order the new chairs immediately.